Welcome to the Kit Savers Wiki! Edit

~ We are a vastly growing group of people that love kit saving, based on the Official Warriors Forums! As a fairly new wiki, there's a lot to do and a lot to contribute to! Every edit helps us achieve our goal of a fully active wiki, with all of the up-to-date information about kit savers.

~ Know wikicode? Great! :D Share your knowledge on the Help page, and please remember sign your name with four "tildes," ~ ~ ~ ~ {without the spaces} everytime you are on a talk page, discussion/planning page, or anything else not "in the wiki."

~ As always, please remember to check the Rules, both our rules and Wikia's rules, and glance at the planning page(s) to see what needs to be done. Learn the basics at Wikipedia's Cheatsheet, and get a huge library of help at the Community Portal and have fun!

~ Feel free to add anything to the front, and everywhere else, as long as it will help! :)

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